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Is Artificial Grass Pet Friendly?

Is Laying Artificial Grass Turf Pet Friendly?

No More Digging Disasters for Pet Owners

Digging holes are a pet owner’s nightmare. Artificial turf is resilient against the relentless attempts to destroy your lawn. The polypropylene fibres and robust backing will withstand the excessive scratching and digging our dogs love to do. Although you may want to break the habit, your pets will soon become discouraged when they realise with artificial turf their efforts are in vain.

No Reaction to Pet Urine…

Unsightly balding patches and colour defects are no longer subsequent of pet urine, the synthetic blades will not discolour whilst ample drainage holes make quick work of hosing away the excess. With no lingering odours or lasting effects, your pets are free to do their business without causing any problems to your lawn.

Say Goodbye to Muddy Paws…

You no longer need to quarantine the garden in fear of those muddy puddles that natural lawns develop after heavy rainfall. A permeable sub-base disperses of any surplus water, speeding up the drying process. As we take away the existing area that was there before the grass installment you have no need to worry about muck.

Play Time Curfew Is Lifted

Your perfect lawn will maintain its natural green appearance all year round regardless of weather conditions. There’s no need for chemicals such as fertiliser and weed killer so you can rest assured you turf is 100% safe for your pets to roam.