Yate Artificial Grass

Picking the Best Artificial Grass for You

There is a whole range of benefits to be enjoyed!

Choosing artificial grass for your home or business isn’t just about appearances – there is a whole range of benefits to be enjoyed, from lower maintenance to a green all year round lawn.

However, when the time comes to install your artificial lawn you may get caught in the trap of not knowing which grass is best for you!

Here at Yate Artificial Grass we stock only high-quality artificial grass imported from Europe to make sure we can offer that perfect finish you are searching for, have a look through our grass range to see what is best suited for you.

All our grass is:


We can order different grass ranges subject to availability.

35mm Artificial Grass

Supreme 35mm:

Our Supreme 35mm is brilliant for high traffic areas, very soft to touch makes it perfect for play areas but don’t be fooled by the softness as this grass is built to endure all kinds of hardwearing activities from pub garden spills to back garden olympics. This super tough grass looks vibrant and brings any area to life thanks to it’s light green finish.

35mm Artificial Grass

El Dorado 40mm:

Our El Dorado 40mm is the real deal when it comes to making your artificial area look and feel like a natural area, it really is a true to nature grass. With a thick dark green finish and brown fibres this grass is the closest you will find to real grass, ideal for lower traffic areas but still built to last/manage any activity.