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Why choose artificial grass?

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

If you long for a beautiful, lush green lawn, but have never been able to find the time, patience or skill to maintain one, consider artificial grass.

Long gone are the days when artificial grass resembled a green carpet; recent developments have made it increasingly difficult to tell whether the lawn you’re standing on is fake grass or natural.

So it should come as no surprise that artificial lawns are becoming more and more popular across the UK.

Here are just some of the reasons why homeowners are choosing artificial grass for their outdoor space.

Picture perfect lawns all year round Plush green natural lawns require a lot of maintenance – mowing, weeding, watering and chemical treatments, all of which take time, commitment and money.

Even with a lot of dedication to its upkeep, your lawn is very weather-dependent: hot spells can leave it looking dry and yellow, while a lot of rain will turn it into a mud bath. With artificial grass, your lawn looks perfect whatever the weather.

Artificial grass is low-cost.

Many people are put off artificial lawns because of the expense. However, fake grass doesn’t cost a lot more than good quality turf per square metre and because it doesn’t require any ongoing maintenance, it can actually save you money in the long run.

No maintenance In contrast to natural lawns, synthetic lawns require no mowing, edging or weeding, all you have to do is occasionally clear away leaves and give them a quick brush to keep them looking fantastic – giving you more time to actually enjoy your garden.

Child friendly

Child friendly Artificial grass is very soft on little hands and feet, making it the perfect choice for households with young children. Because synthetic lawns don’t get muddy, there’s no reason to keep the kids off the grass during the winter.

Pet friendly

As well as being soft on paws, artificial lawns are also very easy to keep clean – urine flows through perforated backing, and solid waste is easier to pick up and clear away than on a natural lawn. In fact they really are great for pets!

Reduces allergies

While most of us look forward to summer, around 10million people in the UK suffer from hay fever, which can make spending time outdoors very uncomfortable.

Synthetic grass can help; because it stays short and manicured all year round, it traps far less dust, pollen and other allergy-causing debris that is often found in natural grass.